Oxfordshire Kindness Wave is a love-powered response to COVID-19, and is led by Populate Cooperative in partnership with the community arts organisation, Ark-T and Oxfordshire Virtual School.

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Going back to school.

We are all so proud of you for the work you have done during the pandemic. You might have lots of feelings about going back to school. Horrid Henry and his friends have a message for you, to share how they are feeling.

All your teachers and teaching assistants are really looking forward to having you all back in school. You are all wonderful!

Stay safe and stay in touch!

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Working together with Oxfordshire Virtual School and Novel Entertainment

Oxfordshire Kindness Wave, Oxfordshire Virtual School and Novel Entertainment worked together to produce videos for our children during the pandemic to support going back to school and the importance of…

Moving day waits for many young adults…..

The day your child leaves home for university, travelling or apprenticeships is one with such mixed feelings. So many parents and carers work towards this day, their child ready to…
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Online Friday Art Club

Friday Art Club is a space created to enable creativity, boost skills and empower carers to create with their children. It is a space to collaborate with artists, children and…

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