Seven Word Story   What you need:   Can be done with two or more people. You need someone to ask the questions and someone to answer!   A pen or pencil and a piece of paper OR you can use your computer or a typewriter or even your phone!   Here what you do!

Come up with seven questions. The questions can be funny, personal, or emotional. Your questions can be as strange and weird as you want. The questions have to be framed so there can only be a one-word answer – e.g. What’s your favourite colour? Green What’s your favourite food? Sushi How did you feel after watching Frozen? Hopeful What is your favourite made up word? Britzkiel   The sillier the questions, the sillier the answers.

Assemble the answers at the top of the page so the writer can reference them.   The writer has to create a story using all seven words. It’s cheating if you try to use all seven words in one sentence! Spread the love. You should be able to create either a micro story with seven sentences or a longer story using all seven words. The choice is up to you!   You’ll always be able to create an original story if you follow the instructions.

Here is an example:









A nine year old girl has a cat Fluffy and a teddy bear called Donuts. She doesn’t like Vinegar. She wears a jumpsuit everyday and never washes it. She travels to Turkey and drinks Coke-with-Ice everyday.

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